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We won the Coveted Ontario Provincial "Five Bloom Award "
for 2014   AND   2015

Following the 2015 Evaluation by the Ontario Communities in Bloom (CiB) Judges/Evaluators, they along with the Chair of Leamington's Volunteer CiB committee - Charlie Wright, were interviewed by CFTV.
That interview is presented in its entirety at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsi9GT-qKw0

(Last updated November 31, 2015)

Every year we (Leamington) participates in Communities in Bloom and we create a new profile book all about Leamington. Links to those books are provided below

The Profile book showcases Leamington in the same way Communities in Bloom program looks at communities across Canada to see how well they are doing and what they could do better. To do this, the Profile Book consists of six major categories:
Floral Displays

As you can see, Blooming does not refer to just Flowers. But anything that is at its peak, at a state of healthy condition, being all that it can be - healthy, vigorous or flourishing condition, prime (for example the phrase the bloom of youth)

In turn, each of the six categories for measuirng the bloom of our community contains four subsections:

   1.    Municipal Properties, parks and green spaces, street, streetscapes
   2.    Properties owned and run by municipality such as Museums, Historical sites

Business and Institutions:
Properties owned and managed by
   1.    Business: commercial sector, shopping centres, commercial streets, industrial parks, manufacturing plants
   2.    Institutions: schools, universities, churches, hospitals, services and community organizations buildings (such as YMCA, legion), private museums, government and crown corporation buildings (such as Canada Post)
   3.    Tourism bureaus, Chamber of Commerce offices
   4.    Farms: In rural communities, farms can be considered in this section

   1.    Citizens and Citizen Groups acting within their own properties
   2.    Residential property owners, rate payer groups

Community Involvement:
   1.    Individuals & Service and Citizen Groups - all contributing to various aspects of community improvement
   2.    Organized clubs such as horticultural societies, garden clubs, community associations
   3.    Service clubs such as Rotary, Lions, Optimist
   4.    Participation (financial and/or in-kind or employee participation) by the Municipality, Businesses and institutions.

Depending upon the category, the emphasis will change as the judges are looking for specific things. To see a blank version of the 2014 score card see ** 2014 score card

CAUTION - download time

The on-line version of the 2014 Profile Book is a 31 meg, full colour PDF containing 151 pages
** 2014 Leamington Profile Book

If you want your own coffee table hard copy, Vista Print on Oak Street has a 216 meg high resolution version to print from.

The 2015 Version of the Profile book is larger as we have discovered even more about Leamington to share with you and this year's CiB judges.
2015 profile book is 45 megabytes full colour PDF containing 249 pages.
** 2015 Leamington Profile Book
On the weekend of July 26 and 27, 2014, Leamington played host to two judges from Communities in Bloom Ontario. The Judges were welcomed by both the Community and the Municipality. The Judges scored Leamington using the same 2014 score card as used for other Communities. The Judges were driven around Leamington with the Communities in Bloom Volunteer Committee Members showcasing some of the sites which make Leamington Great and at the same time learning what more Leamington could do to make their hometown even better based upon the experiences of other Ontario towns.

For 2015, the weekend for the Judges tour of Leamington waa July 25 and 26 with two different judges than 2014 who shared their experience and ideas for making Leamington even greater.

In 2014, the judges were impressed by the whole community's efforts to make THEIR Leamington stand out as number one for the provincial judges.
In 2015 rhey took special note of all the environmenal initiatives taking place in our community With your help this year's judges will feel even more positive about what they see.

For 2014, Leamington was recognized with two certificates including the coveted and top award of five blooms:

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Competition Improves A Community's Quality of Life

CiB participants compete against others of similar population beginning at the provincial level potentially qualifying for national and international challenges.

Communities entered into the competition quickly realize the value of the program. While striving to fulfill all the CiB judging criteria, communities automatically benefit from the resulting improved quality of life.

Activities of the entire community, citizens, businesses, service groups and the Municipality are all taken into consideration in the competition. CiB judges not only assess a community’s accomplishments during a physical tour, but they also require further information to be relayed through a Community Profile Book.

The documentation is intended to relay as much information as possible to the CiB judges about activities that fall into the CiB judging categories.

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